Giorgia Rossi Industrial Design & Photography


Concept for EVO bottle for Palazzo di Varignana, Jan 2018

Hand Sketching; 2D-3D Modelling: AutoCad, Fusion 360, Keyshot, Photoshop; Production Phase


The brief

Propose a concept for a luxury olive oil bottle for Varignana SPA. Focus on the landmarks and give an original solution.


The project and my role

I have been designing this bottle with Francesco Manocchio, an Italian designer and friend.

This is one of my first commercial projects, which is still ongoing at the moment in production phase.

Started with an accurate research of the client’s history and background, this project was briefed as a totally different product from their existing range: a luxury limited edition of olive oil bottle made in Italy.

Graphics inspired by Claterna Mosaic

Graphics inspired by Claterna Mosaic


Every external colouring is possible as the internal glass is coated with an atoxic black tint.

Study sketches

Study sketches

The outcome

We took inspiration from their branding and historical graphics, like Claterna’s mosaic, for the label while the bottle shapes recall the Roman amphora. Compact but capient, the double glass makes it resistant to any kind of international or national transport.

References Dr. Fausto Brevi (BA Industrial Design Professor)

Team: Francesco Manocchio, Giorgia Rossi