Giorgia Rossi Industrial Design & Photography

elettra x memorabilia

Alma Mater Studiorum Merchandising for Palazzo Poggi, Bologna, June 2016

Brainstorming; Merchandising Research; State of Art; CNC Production; Experimentation


(from latin: Memorabilis)
an object to remember,
commemorate or hold something in your heart.

BUB. Museo di Palazzo Poggi  - Luigi Galvani


Every educational, scientific or cultural institution in the world has the possibility to convey its value also through objects bearing the University's brand. These products are traditionally internationally recognized as a way to bring homage elsewhere and to offer useful and authoritative objects - ambassadors of Made in Italy and Italian style.


We had to rethink and create objects representing the identity and complexity of Bologna's University studies developed and generated in the various Colleges.
Through the declination for each discipline, we had to connect different knowledge, history, traditions and values and transmit them to a contemporary and international audience.

The collection of Palazzo Poggi Museum - a precious place for Bologna's University, for the city, the history and the evolution of science in general - are the starting point for developing a collection of limited series objects produced by local artisans. A contemporary wunderkammer that welcomes objects to admire and desire, in the plural categories of naturalia and artificialia.



Elettra is a series of modular trays treated on the surface with electro-erosion, inspired by Luigi Galvani studies.
Features: unique pieces, wood worked with numerical control (CNC). The decorations are obtained by electro-erosion: the burning process is random and partially dependent on the wood nature.



Render - Keyshot

Prototype - CNC + Electro-erosions

Prototype - CNC + Electro-erosions

References: Sabina Betti and Flaviano Celaschi (University of Bologna, Industrial Design Professors)

Special thanks: Giovanni Bacci, Daniele Baratta, Elena Vai (University of Bologna, Industrial Design Professors).

Team: Farzin Khairkhah, Luigi Marchionni, Jacopo Pedrona, Giorgia Rossi