Giorgia Rossi Industrial Design & Photography


Service and Product Design project for G. Marconi Airport, Bologna, University of Bologna, January 2016

Brainstorming, Design Improvisation Methods, Cultural Probes, Interviews and Personas, Photography, Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, 3D Modeling Creo Parametrics, Prototyping.

The brief

Provide a specific service to a selected target of Marconi Airport visitors, from their arrival at the Airport Check-in, to their departure.

The project

Our first approach to this service design project started with cultural probes and design improvisation tools, in order to stimulate creativity and produce different ideas.

Presentazione Esame Compressa-5.jpg

Then we met a group of employers already dealing with Bologna’s residents and decided to build a service for families visiting the airport. Interview have been a massive part of the project: speaking both with employers and residents has given us insights to understand their needs and define the different touchpoints.  “Family Side” is the name of the dedicated area and those are the aspects we took care of:

  • Brand Identity and Communication: advertising, signage and Flyers, inside and outside the airport
  • Entertainment: Interactive Screens and Mobile Application; “Family Case” and “Baby keeper”
  • Product: enhance airport existing furniture to make it more comfortable for the selected users


My role

In this team project, we had continuous sessions of brainstorming. All of us contributed to the collection of insights and creation of personas after the interviews. Afterwards, each of us worked on a specific touchpoint: I have personally curated the communication part (including flyers mock-ups and environment renderings) and created a final animation to explain the entire service and the interactive screen and mobile application.

Presentazione Esame Compressa-8.jpg

Folding Tables

Another innovation are folding tables, which operate by means of a spherical joint and can be attached to the armrests. Offering two possible configurations, they serve as support for adults and dining table or playtime desk for children.

Presentazione Esame Compressa-7.jpg

“Family Case”

With Family Case, it is possible to dress up airport seats to satisfy kids needs and entertainment. Available at every Family Side Point, Family Case appears like a tiny yellow purse: blank sheets and pens are bound to the external side, while on the inside, a folded envelope transforms the airport chairs, coating seats and backrests and creating a Baby-Keeper.

Presentazione Esame Compressa-6.jpg

Brand Identity and Communication

Flyers are available in the Airport info points and hot-spots, introducing families to the service. From those info points and other strategically located advertising, small airplanes stickers draw a long yellow line that guides families to the Family Side zone. Just like a flying plane, the signage climbs the walls next to show the interactive screens.

app_familyside (2017_01_22 12_39_06 UTC).png

Interactive Screens and App

Children of all ages can play with the interactive screen and take photos with their parents, who can find and share them through the integrated function in Bologna Airport mobile app.


References Arch. Francesca Rizzo (BA Industrial Design Course Professor),  (G. Marconi Airport)

Team: Alice Donferri Mitelli, Jacopo Pedrona, Giorgia Rossi, Brian Scalini