Giorgia Rossi Industrial Design & Photography


Study and 3D Modelling of a Design Product, University of Bologna, June 2015

Disassembling; Hand Sketching; 2D-3D Modelling: AutoCad, Alias Autodesk, Alias VR, Photoshop


The brief

Create a 3D model of a kitchen device, focusing on its components, assembly, materials and use.


The project and my role

As kitchen tool, we choose an object we were all familiar with: Ariete Pimmy mixer.

First of all, we had to study the object in every single part, disassembling each component and taking the exact measures of it.

After producing handmade technical drawings, my group mates digitally translated with AutoCad.

Study sketches

Study sketches

In the meantime, I drew some sketches to show the product relationship with the user and the environment. This informed and make the modelling part easier, also helping our interlocutors to understand its use. To realize the model, I have used Autodesk Alias Design, one of the best programs to work with for surfaces and curves. Rendering the model has been really difficult, due to the refractive materials the product was made of and the really colored scene where we decided to place and photograph the object.

The outcome

We presented Pimmy through 2D/3D realistic visuals, finally collimating in a photo rendering.

Photo rendering: Alias VRed + Photoshop

Photo rendering: Alias VRed + Photoshop

References Dr. Fausto Brevi (BA Industrial Design Professor)

Team: Carlotta Gamberini, Maria Vittoria Gandolfi, Giorgia Rossi