Giorgia Rossi Industrial Design & Photography


UX/UI Design
London, January 2019

Naming, Logo, Icon and iPhone Application,
Photoshop, Illustrator, Adobe XD.

The brief

For a UX/UI competition, design a Landing, Paywall and Learning Screen and create an icon for a classical music smartphone application.

The project

The project was part of a 48h competition during which I could use any tool to deliver a single board describing my concept for a classical music application.

I started with the naming first. The choice was between “Croma” and “Quarto” which, in Italian, are both names of pauses for classical music, I decided for “Quarto”, mainly because of its symbol.
The meaning of “pause” is not just a reference to the pentametre symbol, but also to the actual possibility to take a pause, a break, with the application, from the surrounding world.

Logo, Colours and Icon Design

I then employed Adobe XD for the design and Photoshop for the general board layout and presentation.

Iterations of the design and colour studies.