Giorgia Rossi Industrial Design & Photography


UX/UI Design and Brand Identity
Bologna, January 2019

Brainstorming, Brand Identity, Logo, Brand Manual, Indesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, XD.


The brief

Design the brand identity for a new tech company and create UX Interface for tablet application.

The project

The project started with the decision of the name of the company, followed by the creation of its logo and then a complete brand pack. The company currently focuses on one product, a tablet application for pharmacies which I designed with Adobe XD and it is ready to be developed.


The name of the company, Rubicon, is inspired by a river close to Rome and symbolises the power of overcoming an obstacle. The touchpoints of my commission were:

  • Brand Identity and Communication: brand manual

  • Entertainment: flyers, gifs and short demo movie

  • Product: tablet application


My role

This has been one of my first client projects as a freelancer. I had to work from distance for an Italian client, constantly updating the progresses following their needs.


rubicon brand identity

The Brand Manual.


the product

Designed with Adobe XD, the product is a tablet application for pharmacies, to help them manage their stock offering guided advices and suggestions.


I created a short video to be showcased during events and fair in order to promote the product for fundings and sponsorships.


References Lorenzo Gherardi, Alessandro Fier - All rights reserved 2019