Giorgia Rossi Industrial Design & Photography


3D Modelling for Product Design (Naval Design), University of Bologna, Feb 2016

Research; Benchmark/Project Management; Concept; 3d Modelling Creo Parametric; Keyshot; Photoshop; Autodesk Alias Autostudio; Autodesk VRed.

The brief

Offer a realistic 3D modelled proposal for a Racing Boat, following R3 classed Centreboards restrictions from “Mille e una Vela Cup”, a racing competition among Italian universities.

The project

In a team of 3 students, we have to firstly understand the racing boats world to have a broader vision on the project possibilities. One of the biggest restriction was to conceive a concept made for at least the 70% of natural materials: to do so, we decided to expand our research also outside the field. We predicted our positioning after defining our strengths and limitations and started sketching first ideas.


The outcome

We carefully studied our competitors and finally took inspiration from 3 existing boats: “Earth Sup”, for its hull shape and materials; “Mirabaud”, for its wings; “Tiwal”, for its simple structure.


The result was a 15ft skiff (type of centerboard) for 2 people, made of Paulownia Wood, which makes it salty-water resistant, in a cork sandwich (with bio-epoxy resin) for hull core. Reinforces, wings and their attaches, mast and boom are made in aluminium. It is incredibly lightweight, cheap and really performant, although it is a professional boat requiring an expert team to be steered.



My role

We split the 3D model making of hull, trapezes and wings among the three of us. I have worked on the trapezes, making sure to respect the brief limitations around dimensions and usability. I have then produced the Keyshot still and animated rendering of the whole model and the final presentation layout.

Boat renderings - Keyshot

Boat renderings - Keyshot


Render of a 3D modeled Double Foil boat through Alias VR and Autodesk.


References Eng. Alfredo Liverani (BA Industrial Design Professor)

Team:Jacopo Pedrona, Giorgia Rossi, Brian Scalini, Filippo Zocca