Giorgia Rossi Industrial Design & Photography


Client indoor spatial design - Interior and Lighting concept for Palazzo di Varignana

Brainstorming; Benchmark/Project Management; Concept; Sketching; 2d/3d Modelling; Revit; Keyshot; Photoshop; InDesign Presentation to Client

The brief

Offer a realistic and visually appealing 3D concept for an interior space including restaurant, kitchen, sponsor booths and office area following the Italian SPA Palazzo di Varignana style and mood.

The project

One of my first solo client project, designed in a month for Palazzo di Varignana. From some ideas on the overall contents of the Concept Store, I started designing the components in Revit.

I then studied the interior design, includiing 3D models of furniture from a company I personally chose: Offecct.


The outcome

This warm environment includes element from the Italian tradition, such as an Olive Tree in the middle of the space, or a “pasta corner” where “sfogline” actually prepare fresh pasta.

Sfoglina making pasta and Kitchen Bar

Sfoglina making pasta and Kitchen Bar

VarStore is not only a restaurant though, it is an experience store where you can discover food or drinks from the sponsor booths and taste them direclty at your table.

Partners Booths

Partners Booths

VarStore is also designed to promote the products from Palazzo di Varignana itself. Those are not only restricted to their booth, but also surround tables and cover walls to provide a full immersion.

Cocktail Bar and Tea Booth

Cocktail Bar and Tea Booth

My role

I have been directly dealing with the client during a month timeframe, reiterating the concept and producing every time new renders to reach the expectancies. This was my first experience with interior and space design, and I had to use Revit for my first time.


References Lorenzo Gherardi, Palazzo di Varignana