Giorgia Rossi Industrial Design & Photography

essentia x baume&mercier

Luxury wristwatch contest by Baume & Mercier, Winning Project, June 2015

Brainstorming; Hand Drawings; AutoCad; Autodesk Alias; Photoshop; Illustrator; InDesign.

The brief

Design two concepts of wristwatches for the great Maison Horlogière Baume & Mercier. This project included mixed Industrial and Fashion Design student, to produce a piece of jewellery reflecting innovation and aesthetic.

The project

We had to deal for the first time with the theme of luxury. We thought of luxury as an experience and a lifestyle. We decided to approach to this culture designing for people who choose the best without showing it off, nurturing substance over the appearance. Moreover, in a world where mass-production rules, only craftmanship gives to an object an unique disposition. Hence, arts, simplicity, elegance and sensitivity are our keywords. We wanted to offer a formal minimalism accompanied by an excessive attention to details, materials and crafts.


My role

Working in a randomly assembled team of five, I have contributed to de-briefing sessions, sketching in the concept definition phase, curating the follow-up presentations and producing final photo renderings.

essentia 10543

The first watch is in step with the Maison’s historical tradition, since it is inspired by a previous model of B&M collection. Under a sapphire glass, the main time markers has been cut out to show the gears in all their beauty and precision.

essentia 10542

For the second one, cut outs in the needles make every single minute precious and unique, showing little by little a new shade of its inner essence. From there, the name “Essentia” originates.


References Mr. Alexandre Peraldi (B&M Design Director), Flaviano Celaschi (BA Industrial Design Course Coordinator), Dr. Federica Muzzarelli (BA Fashion Culture and Technique Course Coordinator)

Team: Tatjana Genovese , Vittorio Golini, Giorgia Rossi, Micaela Sartori, Brian Scalini